A Taste of Persian Contemporary Art
A Taste of Persian Contemporary Art
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Erphan Malek




Sadness dominates the often dark artworks of Erphan. The characters in most of his works are women with sorrowful faces, and there is a story behind each one of these beautiful and sad faces. The innocent faces and the large and sensual eyes that are a window into the soul of humanity are among the characteristics of his works. 

He considers grief as one of the main and valuable human characteristics. A trait that causes human growth and excellence, without which there will be no happiness and no meaning.

His work consists of a collection of images, some of which are very tangible to the audience and convey shared experiences such as social relationships, love failure, fear, isolation, and loneliness, and others that are his personal experiences and feelings that perhaps few can find common ground.

In the ‘Kashanehaye man’ series, we see a combination of Iranian architecture, traditional designs, and a variety of forms.  Faces that are woven into their birthplace and cannot be separated wherever they go. People who emigrate from their homeland and still belong to their homeland through their heart and cannot forget it. Lands which offer soul and character to their children. Homes that are the identity of every human being which make them unique and special.