A Taste of Persian Contemporary Art
A Taste of Persian Contemporary Art
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About us

MrPishook is a collaboration of a group of independent artists to introduce Persian contemporary art through fashion. In all MrPishook products, you will discover a fresh and unique look at Persian art and cultural references.

This project is a production of PXL Creative Ltd, based in Cambridge, UK and the products are manufactured by on-demand printing partner companies in the USA, Canada, Latvia, Spain, Japan or Australia, depending on the product and the location where the order is being made.

MrPishook’s designs are carefully curated to spark conversations with friends and even strangers.

We believe in the power of enigma in art and transparency in business.


Keyvan Mahjoor

Keyvan Mahjoor’s sketches are narrative and lyrical; they weave together human figures, mythical characters, and symbolic forms; and are embedded with traditional arabesque designs and calligraphy. The use of text for illustrative purposes is a common and repetitive theme in Mahjoor’s drawings. Historically, the function of calligraphic inscriptions used in Persian paintings and illustrations served both an aesthetic and informative purpose. While the scripts and text in Keyvan Mahjoor’s drawings are incomprehensible, perhaps of greater importance is the manner by which the text has been implemented within the pictorial space and the cavities the words occupy within the framework of the drawings.


Alemeh Bagherian


Lady Peace series by Alemeh Bagherian, seek to depict the inner identity and novelty of Iranian woman.

The artist strive to display the internal beauty of woman and her liberty, braveness and persistence against all difficulties through out the history. The shield is a symbol of battle, but this battle has a delicacy which is originated from the peaceful nature of woman.

Therefore Persian miniature is been used which is the art of ultimate elegance and delicacy.

Woman is a mysterious being, but graceful, beautiful and novel. In Lady Peace series, the battle and peace are unified and the magic of Persian miniature, creates divine and theurgic atmosphere for the artwork. 


Najva Erfani

Najva Erfani’s Art is a display of woman’s status in today and yesterday. This status has often been depicted in forms of mythological figures that shine light on the state of women from different angles. There is an iconic side to Najva’s work which exhibits the situation of today’s women along with imagery from mythological angels questioning the ups and downs of the feminine world.

She takes a modern, yet ancient look at the meaning of life and creation. The creation which originated from woman is not limited to reproduction, but is the creation of thought, love, power, and liberty.


Sara Ashrafi

Though her work, Sara Ashrafi, identifies and conveys the emotion she strongly feels about a topic. She passionately paints about the normal routines in everyday life and the social issues. In her paintings, she achieves a memorable and lasting impact in the depths of the mind of the viewer. The sense of longing, is always present in her expressionist works. Her textured brushstrokes draw the focus to her bold and thought-provoking subjects and leave a dream-like impression.


Foaad Nikzaad

Foaad Nikzaad's sculptures are inspired by classic masterpieces in the imaginative, passionate, and thought-provoking world of Persian poetry, which for centuries has been inseparable from the lives, thoughts, and arts of Persian speakers. 

He describes his sculpture series as unrestrained translations of classic Persian couplets from word into form.

What makes these translations distinctive is his unique approach in using modern elements and symbols with ancient concepts through a humorous take on the times.


Hemad Javadzade

Hemad Javadzade, is the creator of marvellous surreal paintings/drawings in which the audience faces various levels of colour, composition and concept. Most of his artworks are special due to the appearance of the urban context and Persian classic elements. Presence of alien creatures beyond the reality and our perception of nature make Hemad’s art mesmerizing. The conflict between human being, animals and aliens may not be plausible in the real world, but human’s mind is eager to get engage with it.

Hemad Javadzade’s paintings and illustrations, more than anything, are an artist’s self-explorations; a journey into inner layers of his own mind. The humour which can be seen in most of his works is a nod to the fact that, in our social interactions, we project nothing but our own unconscious impulses and complexities. This psychological projection can be seen in different aspects of our behaviour and routines, including the creation of artwork.


Shoeib Kashani

In his surrealistic artwork, Shoeib Kashani has found a unique style that expresses his bold critical statements in respect to social and existential complications. “I surf in a free world with no borderlines; a sweet borderless dream. No reality can take me away from this very real world, which is not stranger as believe in being. I live every moment of my life in my imaginings, and these images are small souvenirs from this living.”


Erphan Malek


Sadness dominates the often dark artworks of Erphan. The characters in most of his works are women with sorrowful faces, and there is a story behind each one of these beautiful and sad faces. The innocent faces and the large and sensual eyes that are a window into the soul of humanity are among the characteristics of his works. 

He considers grief as one of the main and valuable human characteristics. A trait that causes human growth and excellence, without which there will be no happiness and no meaning.

His work consists of a collection of images, some of which are very tangible to the audience and convey shared experiences such as social relationships, love failure, fear, isolation, and loneliness, and others that are his personal experiences and feelings that perhaps few can find common ground.

In the ‘Kashanehaye man’ series, we see a combination of Iranian architecture, traditional designs, and a variety of forms.  Faces that are woven into their birthplace and cannot be separated wherever they go. People who emigrate from their homeland and still belong to their homeland through their heart and cannot forget it. Lands which offer soul and character to their children. Homes that are the identity of every human being which make them unique and special.



Samareh Azadi & Mehran Sanei

Artist-Entrepreneurs, Samareh Azadi and Mehran Sanei are founders and directors of PXL Creative and Artistivo companies in Cambridge, UK. Their passion for Persian contemporary art and introducing it to the world was the primary reason for starting the MrPishook project. They are currently located in Barcelona, Spain, and working on developing a global platform and network for Persian artists across the world.